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Our Story

Miller’s began in 2002 as a humble experiment. At the request of friends, our family started cooking up a few stockpots of homemade banana pepper mustard to share. The hand packed jars went quickly, with smiles all around, and it wasn't long until the idea formed to sell our unique sauce through local specialty stores.

The response was overwhelming. Word of the spicy and sweet creation grew quickly in Butler County and beyond, as did sales. We soon found ourselves driving daily throughout Western Pennsylvania to deliver yesterday's batch. It was clear we had something people had been looking for — a tangy and spicy condiment with a balance rarely found in a pepper sauce.

Over fifteen years later, Miller's award-winning banana pepper mustard is still crafted with the same care and attention to detail as when we first made it for our friends. From local concession stands to national grocery chains, our undeniable passion for making a quality condiment with spirit and versatility continues. 

Over the years we've maintained our commitment to natural, quality ingredients. Certainly our #1 ingredient is our peppers. Unlike most pepper sauces, we only use vine-ripened peppers picked at the peak of freshness. All grown up, the mature banana and habanero peppers are processed from scratch and mixed with our special blend of mustard seeds and spices to create a sweet and spicy sauce with superior flavor.

It’s not the easy way... it’s just the right way.

Hmm... Not yet.

We wait for our banana peppers to mature, giving our sauce its unique orange color and an underlying sweetness.